Impact of Emerging Technologies in the Cyber Landscape Emerging technologies can undoubtedly help counter the increasingly malicious cyber threats. Will these technologies benefit the attacker or the defender more? AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud and Mobility offer both promise and peril. IoT devices are often created with little or no regard for security; they process and transmit significant amounts of personal data, making it attractive target for hackers. AI systems can spot patterns and anomalies in ways that humans can’t and can possibly help stem the tide of cyber-attacks. As hackers increasingly employ machines, defenders will also have to use AI/ML and machine based defences. AI/ML, Blockchain and other emerging technologies must be deployed in innovative ways to enable businesses and individuals to enjoy the benefits of IoT without inherent security risks. The panel examined: • The Role of Disruptive Technologies in securing Cyber Space. • Given the vulnerabilities in IoT and other emerging technologies, how can AI/ML be used beneficially for securing Cyber Space? • Can AI be the Future of Cyber Security? • Other cyber security technologies (eg, Blockchain) that hold promise.

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