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Current Openings

Site Security Lead – Pune

The primary responsibility of the Security Lead is to ensure the protection of people & assets within Factory Manufacturing plant, in accordance with Global Security global guidelines and strategy, and in alignment with the Manufacturing plant stakeholders’ requirements.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • General Security Management
    • Single point of contact for all Global Security matters for the Factory Manufacturing plant, including the support rendered to various business processes & operations.
    • Primarily responsible to run process driven, uniform and consistent security program.
    • Rendering security support to stakeholders, internal and external customers at Factory Manufacturing plant.
    • Conduct periodic risk assessments, audits and self-assessments based on Factory tools & risk management processes.
    • Ensure development and implementation of Factory Manufacturing plant specific security plan based on Global Security guidelines and stakeholder expectations.
    • Support in due diligence processes to perform risk assessments of vendors and partners, when requested.
    • Ensure communication and liaison between Factory Management and Factory Global Security function.
    • Responsible for Factory Transport Security Escort operations, including recruitment, training, deployment and security services delivery in Factory buses.
    • Drive and run Production Security Program in factory to address internal routine risks with the objective of loss prevention
    • Share best practices with other Factory factory security teams
    •  Drive standardization and benchmarking to ensure continual improvement by setting challenging targets
  • Physical Security
    •   Ensure the implementation, management, operation, and maintenance, of physical security measures and security systems - Perimeter protection, Access Control System, CCTV system, Intrusion Detection System, and Security Lighting.
    • Ensure proper management, control, and maintenance, of physical access authorization procedures and access control rights.
  • Personnel Security
    • Ensure general security awareness – Security trainings, communication, and drills.
    • Work diligently with stakeholders to ensure appropriate levels of event security at Factory Manufacturing plant events.
    • Utilize the Factory Global Security guidelines for VIP visits and executive level movements.
    • Appropriately investigate security incidents and other cases of ethics/code of conduct that require Global Security assistance.
  • Security projects & services
    • Undertake, design & implement security projects in given timelines and budgets
    • Ensure the management and operation of security services - security guarding, alarm monitoring & response, employee & visitor management, material movement and security documentation.
  • Emergency Response & Crisis Management
    • As a Factory Crisis Coordinator, Creation, updating, exercising and maintenance of Factory Manufacturing plant level Crisis Management organization and plans.
    • Plan and execute various tests & exercises including Factory mock evacuation drills & crisis management table top simulations
    • Follow the Factory Emergency Response and Crisis Management guidelines to handle security incidents and crises.
    • Liaise with state authorities, police, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and emergency services on a day-to-day basis, during mock exercises and real-life incidents and crisis situations.
Openings :

Operations Role at MNC Bank's South Asia Command Centre

Opportunity for Operations Role at MNC Bank's South Asia Command Centre*

We are in search of a suitable candidate who can be placed for an" Operations Role " at our client's Command Centre, located in Mumbai. It will be an embedded role (on MitKat payroll) for 1 year. After completion of a year, the contract will get renewed automatically. Candidate is required to manage all control room operations which majorly includes CCTV monitoring, alarm testing, data mining and data management etc. Graduates/ Post Graduates with good communication and writing skills with good knowledge of MS Office software,  who have passion to work with renowned market leaders are welcome to send their CVs to us. CTC will be as per industry standards.

Openings :

Command Center Supervisor – Pune

To supervise and manage operate all control room operations within the Command Centre in a professional & efficient manner and to ensure integrity, accuracy & confidentiality of all information gained by compliance with quality standards & legislation, and in accordance with the company’s systems and procedures.

The individual will:

  • Be responsible for the smooth functioning of the command center during his shift.
  • Supervise the functioning of the Command Center Operators and ensure that they are responding to various events as per the set procedures and practices.
  • Distribute the Monitoring load equally among operators. Take over monitoring in case of any requirement.
  • Coordinate with other Command Centers to facilitate flow of information and decision making during crisis.
  •  Ensure timely communication of all major and minor events including notifying the appropriate response resources as directed by procedure.
  • Proper handing over at the end of shift or completion of duty.
  •  Ensure that all security and communication equipment in the command center and at remote locations are all in order. Generating work order and maintenance requests.
  • Maintain all periodic logs and generate reports for management as required.
  • Monitor the movement of travelers in India. Respond to communications from and regarding the travelers and take necessary steps in communication or response in coordination with Corporate Security Travel.
  • Ensure prompt and appropriate incident management and emergency response. Take over charge of operations in case of an emergency till such time that it is taken over by supervisor. Communicate and Coordinate (if required ) with Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Hospitals) and other stakeholders.
  • Take and record periodic feedback and reports from the Field Staff.
  • Monitor local and global event through electronic, print and internet for events which may impact the safety and security of employees. Escalate as per procedure/practice
  • Ensure that the equipment in the Command Center as well as the war room is secure and that the area is kept neat and clean at all times.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and control over the information and ensure that CCTV is not misused.
  •  Report any commission or omission observed to the command center manager or designated person.
  • Train Command Center Operators and other stakeholders in new procedures or process.
  •  Resolve access issues using the privileges available or with the assistance from other Command Centers.
  •  Receive and escalate alerts from subscribed services
  • Maintain escalation matrices and external assistance numbers.
  • Assist in client and regulator audits and visits.
  • Provide information as directed in aid of investigations.
  • Work as directed by the Command Center Manager for process and quality improvements
  • Perform other duties and projects assigned.
Openings :

Command Center Operator – Pune

To operate & monitor all security systems within the Command Centre in a professional & efficient manner and to ensure integrity, accuracy & confidentiality of all information gained by compliance with quality standards & legislation, and in accordance with the company’s systems and procedures.

The individual will:

  • Monitor the CCTV images and Alarm messages received and take action as per procedure/ practices.
  • Coordinate with ground staff to ensure quick resolution of events within a given time frame and to escalate to the Command Centre Supervisor as required.
  •  Maintain accurate logs and reports of various events which have occurred during the shift.
  • Take immediate action in case of serious events like Fire, Violence etc.
  •  Periodically check that all equipment is in working condition and to escalate as required.
  •  Work as directed by the Command Centre Manager for process and quality improvements
  • Perform other duties and projects assigned.
Openings :

Chief Security Officer - Chennai

Position responsible for : The Physical security operations and implantation of projects and policies within the Client’s campus.

Budget Responsibilities : Will be responsible for managing the Security Manpower and physical security infrastructure budget for Client.

Key Responsibilities

  • Primary responsibility of strategizing, supervising and managing of overall security operations at GTBC 28-acre campus with 11,000+ employees in Chennai.
  • Proactively plan to prevent and prepare for security risks, including state-of-the-art awareness, training and methodologies to inculcate contemporary security programs and processes throughout the organization.
  • Responsible for strategizing & managing all campus security systems & command center as applicable.
  • Strategize & manage campus vehicles & goods movement.
  • Adept in handling emergencies, escalations and customer care.
  • Reporting of key metrics, violation and abnormality to company representative via interactive dashboards.
  • Should ensure that adequate concierge and security guards are available in each shift.
  • To carry out regular inspection of deployed security & check for conformity to the procedures and systems.
  • To carry our internal audits for security functions.
  • To ensure all asset movements are properly checked.
  • Visitor, Key & mail room management of facility.
  • To ensure that all documents & records belonging to site security operation are properly managed.
  • Enforce compliance of all security systems and processes.
  • Investigating the cases reported and prepare the detailed case report to the management.
  • Reporting and liaison with local authorities.

Key Success Factors

  • Ability to build pragmatic, innovative security solutions.
  • Demonstrated integrity and ability to maintain principles under all circumstances.
  • High-quality analytical skills, management experience, and exceptional relationship management competencies.
  • Qualitative experience in strategic planning, policy & process development at a senior level.

Desired prior experience - Ex-armed forces personnel (minimum of 10+ years) with 5+ years of prior experience of managing/ heading security for large campus with latest security systems is a must.

Openings :

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