Pharmaceuticals And Manufacturing

Consolidation has become an important characteristic of the pharmaceutical market as the industry is highly fragmented; and each new merger or acquisition implies the re-aligning of security standards and processes. The manufacturing industry in India is often exposed to operational and security challenges that arise out of their locations and nature of work.

With over six years of working with the manufacturing sector and the pharmaceutical industry in India and abroad, MitKat has the cross-cultural experience and expertise to assist with Business Continuity Management, investigations, workforce development, operational support and threat intelligence advisories.


The FMCG market of India and South Asia is going through a highly competitive phase and this competition is going to get tougher in the coming years. It has also brought in its wake, fraud, counterfeiting and other reputational risks.

MitKat has the experience and expertise in counterfeit investigation, safety & security, and is working with the top names in the FMCG industry, both Multi-National and Indian.

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